Shulai officially launched her Cooling Disposable Face Mask.Specially researched and developed to ease hot summer.

In the scorching summer, people can't wait to stay at home all day, even if they do go out, they would want to wear lesser. But at this stage, everyone should not take off their masks because of the sultry heat when they are out. Maintaining good healthy habits are fundamental. But just as everyone struggled with whether to wear a mask. Shulai officially launched a summer cooling face mask

Shulai team created the "firewall" of the epidemic
On June 10th, Shulai held a summer refreshing mask press conference. 2020 is an extraordinary year Globally, We faced with the sudden epidemic, all countries united to fight the cause of epidemic prevention and control. Shulai was among the few Originations stood up to fight against the epidemic. With years of experience in the field of manufacturing sanitary products, Shulai resolutely chose to produce face masks for the first time. She cooperated with the local government to quickly implement the production of face masks. Today, the epidemic has been effectively controlled, Shulai continues to stand frontline giving attention to people's daily needs.

At the beginning of the epidemic, Shulai responded to the call of the state as soon as possible and spared no expense to allocate all available funds of the company to prepare for the construction of a face mask production line. However, during the epidemic, mask equipment manufacturers were unable to provide after-sales technical support. Shulai’s  R&D team explored on its own and overcome numerous difficulties and finally built a 100,000-level purification workshop in just a couple of weeks. Shulai has combined the microcapsule slow-release technology with face masks, and after many experiments, it has successfully developed a cool mask. This is completely a reform and innovation in the mask industry.

Our online conference had achieved remarkable results
Many things have changed during the epidemic. Shulai deliberately changed the press conference to an online press conference to play an exemplary role for the long-term epidemic prevention cause of enterprises and society. The effect of Shulai’s online live broadcast conference ended with great success, creating amazing exposure in just one hour. Resulting with great orders! 

At the press conference, Shulai tested the performance of the cooling face mask, explained the difficulties encountered in product development, and showed videos of tests done with passers-by on the street allowing to feel the quality of YouHu Cooling face mask. Wearing YouHu Cooling face masks bring you a different level of experience.

Successfully developed cooling face masks with a breakthrough in performance.
In order to meet the needs of everyone wearing a face mask in the hot summer, Shulai has invested in R&D and design of "cooling masks" till wee hours. On the basis of ensuring product protection performance, the breathability of masks has been greatly improved. Wearing face masks in summer is no longer tormenting, and it will bring people a better Cooling protection experience.

Only with continual research and development can we ensure the quality of our products. With Shulai’s stringent quality control can we achieve this high quality products.
After we successfully developed the cooling face masks, we sent out for test by professional laboratories and the results were excellent and was widely received by many people after use. Especially in terms of the breathability of the face masks, making a Cool refreshing summer with a face mask no longer a dream.

Being a well-known manufacturer in sanitary products, Shulai has always adhered to being people-oriented and shouldered the responsibility to trade partners, the people and the society. It is this sense of responsibility that has made Shulai successfully survived for more than 20 years. Moving forward, Shulai will develop more quality products to better serve everyone, with people's health as priority.

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