Shulai's first cooling face mask, the coolness helps bid farewell to the hot boring summer

With the advent of summer, the temperature remains high throughout and wearing face masks has become a problem for most people. The summer is sultry with long hours wearing a face mask can cause facial discomfort, heatstroke and hypoxia, especially for the elderly and children. Shulai is aware of the discomfort that people are facing so after the days of research and development, we combine microcapsule-encapsulated slow-release technology on the face mask for the first time, and it has successfully developed a cooling face mask to deal with the summer heat take care of personal health while protecting against the epidemic

YouHu cooling face masks are cool and refreshing to wear, comfortable and without streaks. YouHu cooling face mask, uses microcapsule slow-release technology, covering tens of thousands of cooling factors into the entire inner layer. Before opening the packaging of the face mask, the cooling factor is in a dormant state and can be stored for more than 2 years. When it encounters sweat or the water vapor exhaled from the mouth and nose, the cooling factor that is locked within the face mask will be released and continue to keep the face mask cool for long hours

At the online press conference held on June 10th, YouHu Cooling Face Masks created an amazing results in just one hour. To benefit our consumers, we priced the face mask at 1.80 per piece during the conference to allow people to try. With such outstanding technology and affordable prices, the heat remains unabated after the press conference. With the massive attention from trade partners, reports from major platforms. YouHu Cooling Face Masks received widespread social attention.

In addition to the cooling face mask range, in order to increase the comfortable experience of wearing face masks for different groups of people, Shulai also launched a variety range of protective face masks, "Conventional Disposable Face Mask, Kids Mask Avenger range, Ingenuity Innovative Range, KN95 willow-leaf design Range", with layers of protection , layers of purification, guarding your every breath, making the distance between people closer and closer.
Conventional Disposable Face Mask
        YouHu Conventional Disposable Face Mask, has three layers of protection, the outer non-woven fabric can effectively prevent dust, droplets and pollen, etc., the middle layer is made with melt blown cloth treated by electrostatic electret, which can effectively block droplets and dust. The inner layer is made with skin-friendly non-woven fabric that is comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable. YouHu conventional disposable masks are not stuffy and filter efficiently, and are suitable for daily protection.

Innovative range – Kids Mask Avenger
      The Kids Mask Avenger range of  YouHu is specially designed for Childrean aged between 6 years old to 12 years old. This mask adopts a plastic nose strip, which can be adjusted to fit the child's face. The high elastic ear loops make it wearable for a long time without strangling the ears. It is made with skin-friendly and non-woven fabric that keeps the skin feel more comfortable. It is not only safer and more comfortable to wear, in addition to its outstanding performance, the packaging design and slogan of the Kids Mask Avenger Range are also full of innovative, allowing children to wear masks while strengthening their own safety awareness. Kids Mask Avenger Range brings extraordinary protection, and parents feel more at ease.

Innovative Range-Ingenuity Innovation KN95
      In addition to its excellent protective performance, YouHu KN95 respirator is made with soft non-woven fabric, which is very skin-friendly and soft to wear, with 3D tailoring, large space and no sense of restraint. It is suitable for people with all kinds of face shapes. It’s a face mask with a difference. Different people wear it with a different fashion effect. This KN95 face mask range is more in line with the fashionable pursuit of modern young people for face masks.
Innovative Range – KN95 willow-leaf design face mask
      Always love willow-shaped KN95 masks, conveying the concept of "Covering life and everything." Therefore, the comfort level of the mask is very outstanding. This KN95 willow-leaf design range of face masks were designed according to the face of Asians. They are tightly wrapped against the shape of your face and do not touch the lips. Ladies who are wearing makeup can effectively prevent makeup smudge. The melt-blown layer filtration meets the national standards. Under the premise of daily wearing comfort, the safety of protection is guaranteed

      As the global epidemic continues, Shulai strives to bring comprehensive protection. Let YouHu helps you return to your normal life, spend the summer refreshingly



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