Youhu Brand
Brand Introduction
    2020 is a tough year globally, the world is facing a daunting challenge with the new coronavirus. Even though China being the world's largest manufacturer and exporter for face masks. Production challenges surfaced with the sudden high surge of  basic disposable face masks or protective gear needed by frontline medical staff .
       With the rise of the epidemic, Shulai has a highly unified team officially launched the Face Mask Production Department in just two days. During the epidemic, in order to speed up the completion of Face Mask project, our team spend days in the factory. Showing an extraordinary "Shulai speed".
       We are professionals in the production of sanitary napkins, and now we fall under the ranks of professionals in the production of Face masks.
       Immediately after obtaining the production qualification, Shulai, successfully transformed into a 100,000-level purification workshop in a short time.
 After much planning,, the team 
    immediately contacted relevant government agencies and solicited their support and help. With the assistance from various officials and confirmation by relevant municipal departments, a series of related certificates and qualifications such as "Medical Device Production License", "Disposable Medical Mask Registration Certificate" and "Medical Surgical Mask Registration Certificate" have been obtained before March 2020. With the qualifications to produce and sell face masks, Shulai responded to the government's call to go all out to win the battle against the epidemic.
       After the completion of the setting up production line, Xuchang Market Supervision Bureau carefully checked the epidemic prevention and production situation. Governments Officials of all levels are concerned about the setting up process of Shulai face mask production line.. In just 20 days, Shulai team worked together to contribute in helping global pandemic. Through the very first line of Face Mask Produced!
      Moving forward, Shulai will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "harmony, integrity, efficiency, and innovation". In contributing to the fight against the pandemic to overcome the crisis together.


Obtained the production qualification and became the second medical mask manufacturer in Xuchang!